iPhone trade in – Apple New iPhone Series

The Apple iPhone 8 series versus the iPhone X, which is better? Well don’t bother to answer that question since iPhone trade in, is now the new norm. Every iPhone […]

Sexual favors for work Hollywood’s Norm

Are sexual favors for work really the norm in Hollywood? Following the devastating Harry Weinstein saga, it seems  there is now the James Toback fiasco. A growing number of people […]

Witness Protection – GOP Counseling Hack Witnesses

Republicans accused of witness protection tactics by counseling witnesses in the Russian hack investigations. Even before they are questioned by Robert Mueller and his FBI team. Well, some Democrats have […]

Anger Management Classes – Trump School John Kelly

Is John Kelly like Donald Trump – frustrated, angry and petulant? Kelly seems to have morphed into is overbearing boss, and perhaps, should consider anger management classes. John Kelly’s appointment […]

US Senators Vs Trump non-professional

Donald Trump, the US President thought his job would be a walk in the park. Especially, being surrounded by a plethora of high profile US Senators. But his presidency has […]

Sexual abuse attorney hired by US Senate

The US Senate hired a sexual abuse attorney to probe claims of rampant sex offenses. In the California Senate, scores of women alleged that they were constantly harassed by their […]