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Long Airplane Rides Could Kill You – How You Can Prevent It?

Did you know that a very small thing such as a blood clot can kill you? If, you didn’t, you should take some time out to research blood clot related deaths. Blood clots can be described as a silent killer, oftentimes, it will go unnoticed, and in a New York minute, it could end your life.

However, you can protect yourself from this deadly problem by taking necessary precautions. Anyone can develop a blood clot  even high profile celebrities whose deaths are always revealed by the news media outlets. And most of those who had lost their lives to this problem usually developed blood clots or deep vein thrombosis during long airplane flights.

 Blood clot deaths?

One noted celebrity deaths is that of actress Carrie Fisher, who died on December 27th, 2016. Her death came as a shock to the entire world. Her famed mother Debbie Reynolds had also died two days after her daughter, after posting on Twitter only a few days earlier that her daughter’s condition was stable.

Fisher was on her way back from London on a flight headed to Los Angeles, California when she complained to a companion of excruciating pain in her chest area. While still on board the flight, Carrie Fisher went into full cardiac arrest and was attended to by medical personal on the aircraft. Upon arrival at the LAX International Airport, Fisher was met by first responders, who quickly whisked her to the nearby Reagan’s UCLA hospital where she died.

The Star Wars actress death highlights the seriousness of long flights and blood clot related deaths. Blood clots have also claimed the lives of celebrities such as actor and comedian, Gary Shandling, who passed away on March 24th, 2016, after a trip to Hawaii.

Another highly publicized death was that of Dwight Errington Myers also known as the rapper Heavy D, who died in November 2011. The renowned rapper had also developed the acute problem while traveling on a flight from London to the U.S. The Jamaican-born artist died at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center a few days after complaining of feeling sick.

What causes a blood clot in leg?

A blood clot also called pulmonary distress happens when the blood gathered in the leg of a person is unable to circulate back upwards throughout the body. It is a common problem that develops during long journey in a plane or other passenger transportation. However, people should be aware that this problem do not only happens to famous people, it is also a common issue that affects other individuals.

What is a Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)?

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) is another name for a blood clot. Long travel of more than four hours in a vehicular transport is the main factor that causes, oftentimes, this debilitating issue. This problem occurs in the deep veins of your thigh and calf muscles.

Can deep vein thrombosis kills you?

Definitely, a resounding yes, no doubt, the complications from a DVT can end your life. The blood clot once formed will remain dormant on the vein wall and if it doesn’t dissipate over time will eventually break loose. The small particle, which is medically termed as an Embolus will travel upwards into the blood stream and blocks the flow of blood to the heart. Also, blood clot in the lung cuts off your oxygen supply. And you already know what would happen next!

Finally, this blockage while preventing the flow of blood allows serious health issues to develop. The end result is, of course, instant death.


Originally posted 2018-01-01 00:34:21.